A transparent management that maximizes property owner’s profit
Serving 20 years of experience and trust, helping to maximize
your real estate profits in Japan.

Full English support

A transparent management that maximizes property owner’s profit
  • Unsatisfied with your current management company.

  • Having hard time filling vacancy.

  • No explanation of unknown cost by management company.

  • Low rent price than expected.

  • Not able to communicate with management company due to language barrier.

  • Trouble keeping track of PIC(person in charge) from silo operation.

  • Having difficulties choosing which management company.

What is AXIOS?

We provide property management service that maximizes profits for foreign investors abroad.
Supporting needs in language and cultural barriers in Japan.
We correspond to consulting of finding a property that is a great match with income gain of owned property or capital gain on point of sale.
Our goal is to maximize return on investment for your real estate properties by increasing sales and cutting costs.

What we stand for - Three core values
  • Transparency

    No added extra commission. Will negotiate cutting cost from maintenance fee. Maximizing property owner’s profit with transparent management.

  • Professionalism

    Wide professional support available from network of managing 3200 units nationwide. Abundant experience with increasing sales and decreasing cost.

  • Reliable management

    Specializing in management. 20 years of experience and trust in Japan’s real estate industry. Management company that is committed and persisted on delivering positive results.

Changing your future in real estate investment

AXIOS promises a great partnership

Improving optimization and productivity

Complete optimization and productivity within our company operation using core system and Salesforce. Satisfied rapid and covered operation. Connecting property owner, maintenance company, agent, and tenant by cooperation with Dialpad, Gsuite, 1Password.

Working as a team

Our property management eliminates individual efforts and focus on team efforts. All information of the property is shared with Salesforce within the team. Horizontal management. Shared responsibilities and efficient teamwork.

Available to cover wide range of support by working with a team.

Asset manager leads a team by taking accountability and responsibility to maximize performance of a real estate.
Not relying on individual PIC. No pressure on following changes in PIC or yours PIC’s new startups. We are able to support you with a long-term management here.

Achievement Successful Example of our service
Property vacancy improvement
3 month later
No vacancy

From filling a vacancy to checking and resolving reoccurring issues, we manage a real estate that will produce stable profits.

Corresponding to most of real estate issues
  • Fulfilling vacancy

  • Tenant complain

  • Inspection not being done

  • Equipment troubles from defects
    not reported to a property owner, etc

Japanese language in not required at all!

All service including email, phone calls, preparation of documents are supported
in English.

  • Non-resident tax administration

  • Tax filing

  • Analysis of market

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Optimizing and collecting rent deposits

  • Assessment of property value

  • Equipment inspection

  • CAPEX schedule

  • Due diligence at the time of purchase

  • Facilitate communication between client and property owner

Contract process flows
  • Contact

    Please inquire by email or phone.

  • Consultation

    Answer questions such as purchase schedule and change of management company after purchase.
    Explain service contents, fees, etc.

  • Arranging a meeting

    Meeting arrangement by phone or Zoom. In person meeting is available upon request.

  • Validation of the property

    Inspecting your property.

  • Feedback report

    Advising solutions if any issues are found.

  • Management agreement

    Management commencement. Our management team will support your every needs.

Committed on maximizing our client’s profits
Providing professional management.


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