Message from the Managing Director

Tsuyoshi Hikichi
Managing Director

Trusted Property Manager

Our mission is to provide quality property management services to non-Japanese clients living both overseas or in Japan.

Over the years, I have met many foreign investors facing significant intercultural challenges in Japan, essentially due to different language and business practices: as trusted partners, our mission is to maximize the profits of their assets invested in Japan.

Regular facility maintenance and mid to long-term cash flow management are key factors to maximize a real estate investment, and enable its re-sale for a higher, optimal price; however, in Japan, the importance of such quality property management is too often underestimated, which is why many foreign investors struggle in finding a trustworthy property manager able to maximize their properties value and occupancy.

For all these foreign investors interested in the Japanese real estate market, and actively investing in property assets, we, as trusted partners, want to provide a fully-integrated service from pre-acquisition property valuation to top-quality property management services, through the whole selling process, to ensure them a maximized ROI, and a successful overall investment experience.

Maximizing our clients’ profits and making them happy is our pride, our mission, and our most valued achievement. Let us be part of your investment adventure in Japan, and we will make sure to optimize it!

Axios Management

Managing Director

Tsuyoshi Hikichi

Axios Management

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