Axios Management provides specialist support to foreign investors in Japanese real estate. Our firm’s exclusive focus on overseas owners combined with a bilingual English speaking team is unique in Japan. All clients receive a bespoke service, tailored to their specific requirements. This lets them realize the full potential of their portfolio.

International investors often face an unfamiliar regulatory environment and hidden pitfalls. Our team are well aware of these challenges and helps clients navigate the landscape. Over the years we have gained extensive experience and a deep understanding of the Japanese property market. We use this to enhance capital appreciation and rental yields, whilst taking care of day-to-day operational management.

Axios Management guides clients every step of the way, from initial property analysis, to transactional procedures and subsequent investment management. We offer a comprehensive range of services including consulting, advising, operational administration, due diligence and representation. Axios Management works in a transparent manner, keeping clients updated on progress. As a result we benefit from high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy is based on the 3 core values of Transparency, Trust and Professionalism. By upholding these principles, Axios Management has built long-term relationships with clients over the years. Going forward we continue to promote Japan as a destination for foreign property investments.

Axios Management

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