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Property Management

Property Analysis

Market Survey and Planning
Axios Management carries out extensive data collection on local demographics, market trends and investor sentiment. We perform in-depth analysis using this information, allowing us to identify optimum marketing strategies and target tenant profiles. Properties in Japan also have ‘peak rental months’. Axios Management takes advantage of this phenomenon by executing tenancy leases at those times of year, to maximize revenues for owners.

Market Analysis
We compare our client’s properties to similar offerings, whilst also incorporating long-term trends and macroeconomic factors in the analysis. This lets us negotiate rent levels that are both favorable to our clients and fair to tenants. Axios Management understands that the property industry evolves, so we continuously monitor the market for upcoming trends and developments. This ensures that transactions are based on the latest data.

Property Audit
Every property has its own unique characteristics. Before putting them on the market, we carry out a comprehensive audit to identify ways of adding value. This could involve recommendations for interior design, exterior renovation or functional improvements.

Property Enhancement
Axios Management has access to a strong network of high skilled and experienced contractors. Through this we can commission cost effective and profitable improvements to properties.

Continuous Property Analysis
We take a proactive approach to property management and continuously identify any issues that arise. These are resolved expeditiously at an early stage to avoid inconveniencing both landlords and tenants.

Potential Added Income
Our comprehensive property audits can identify areas of improvement to optimize both revenue and capital appreciation for landlords. We take a holistic approach, factoring in both short and long term benefits.

Investment property tax advice

Onsite Management

Onsite Management
We employ professional property managers with extensive industry experience. Their job is to liaise with tenants on a regular basis, identifying problems as they arise and enforcing lease terms where necessary. They do this with the utmost care and attention, resolving any issues to the mutual satisfaction of all parties.

Axios Management carries out maintenance and repairs as soon as our managers identify problems or tenants notify us. We use a strong network of highly skilled, certified and experienced contractors, all of which have a long-term track record of service with Axios Management.

Rent Collection
Our property managers are responsible for monitoring rental income. Any arrears, disputes or potential breaches of contract are escalated immediately to senior management for remedial action.

Offsite Management

Offsite Management
The Axios Management team handle the legal and financial administration of client properties, working in close collaboration with both on-site property managers and clients. We adhere to the highest standards of transparency.

Property Reports
To deliver a high level of transparency, Axios Management provides clients with regular update reports on their investments. These are customized to the individual requirements and preferences of each client.

Tenants Screening and Leasing
Axios Management undertakes a rigorous screening process of potential tenants and matches their background with your needs. Our methods ensure that clients are presented with high quality tenants that fit your criteria. Potential tenants can apply in person, by email or via the company website. This use of multiple channels lets us capture a wide variety of leasing opportunities for property owners. We respond to property enquiries and requests for viewing in a prompt manner.

Property aquisition support for foreigners
Investment property legal support

Tax Representation & Filling Services

We act on behalf of clients as their official Tax Representative. In this capacity, Axios Management prepares the documents required for income tax declarations, translation and registration with the tax authorities. Clients are supported through the procedures for tax refunds, payments and other formalities.

Axios Management ensures clients are compliant with the tax regulations in Japan and we provide ongoing advice in this complex area. Records are maintained in a transparent manner and exchanges with the tax authorities are managed professionally with the utmost attention to detail. We also keep abreast of changes in tax legislation, updating clients on the latest developments.

Due Diligence


Axios Management also offers onsite inspections of buildings, facilities and equipment. Pre-acquisition compliance checks are an essential part of the property investment process in Japan. Due to very specific regulatory requirements, we carry out in-depth onsite reviews, along with a background check of historical maintenance and repairs. We also assess compliance with environmental protection legislation.


We support clients through every stage of their investment strategy. In addition to full property valuations, Axios Management carries out comprehensive market and rent analysis, identifying also any investment risks and the overall competitive landscape. This lets us recommend investment opportunities based on a thorough understanding of all variables that affect the outcome.

Legal Support

Axios Management provides legal support to its clients, to ensure their investments are compliant with all local regulations. Everything from building legitimacy to boundary limitations and land restrictions will be scrutinized in detail.

Agent for Foreigners

Our firm leverages on the extensive knowledge of the Japanese property market we have built over the years to serve foreign investors. This ensures that clients experience a smooth acquisition process.

Since investing in Japan can be challenging for international investors, Axios Management acts as a reliable and transparent agent to help them overcome cultural, legal and linguistic obstacles. We support clients through the whole acquisition process, from identifying suitable opportunities to execution of sale-purchase contracts, risk assessments and revenue optimization.


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