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Why property management in japan matters
Property management in Japan can be a hit-or-miss affair, which may come as a surprise for many expat investors here—after all, Japan, and especially Tokyo, is known for a generally high level of service culture.
Why is that? There are various reasons, but top among them is that traditional property management companies in Japan tend to do only that which is deemed necessary to dispose of their duty.
At Axios Management, we go above-and-beyond the call of duty for investors. Indeed, our investor-first ethos means we take a strategic approach to property management, with the ultimate goal being to increase your long-term ROI.
And we do this in two ways: First, we provide a comprehensive onsite management service. And second, we offer an exhaustive offsite management service.

Comprehensive onsite management services in japan
Our onsite management services employ professional property managers with extensive industry experience.
Their job is to liaise with tenants regularly, identifying problems as they arise and enforcing lease terms where necessary.
And they do this with the utmost care and attention, resolving any issues to the mutual satisfaction of all.
We carry out maintenance and repairs as soon as our managers identify problems or tenants notify us.
And we use a strong network of skilled, certified and experienced contractors, all of which have a long-term track record of service with Axios Management.
Indeed, our property managers are responsible for monitoring rent collection and rental income—any arrears, disputes or breaches of contract are escalated immediately to senior management for remedial action.

Offsite Management

Exhaustive offsite management services in japan
Our offsite management services include the handling of legal and financial administration of your property, working in close collaboration with onsite property managers and clients. We adhere to the highest standards of transparency.
To deliver a high level of transparency, Axios Management provides you with regular property reports and updates on your investment. These are customized to your individual requirements and preferences.
And we undertake a rigorous tenant screening processes of potential tenants to ensure their background matches your needs, ensuring only quality tenants are offered tenancy.
Indeed, potential tenants can apply in person, by email or via the company website. This use of multiple channels lets us capture a wide variety of leasing opportunities for owners.
Unlike traditional property managers or management companies in Japan, we go that extra mile to make sure your property investment experience is smooth and rewarding in the short-, medium- and long-term.

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