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English Support Key For Expat Property Investors In Japan

English language support

English support key for expat property investors in japan
Japan offers a great many opportunities for property management and investment, but those opportunities often go untapped, or, when they are pursued, are done in a less-than-optimal way.
It may be, for instance, that a traditional property manager in Japan is not familiar with non-Japanese investors or their aims and expectations, leading to unsatisfactory investment experiences—especially for expats.
Or, it could be that a traditional property management company in Japan is more concerned with closing a deal than going that extra mile to offer long-term ROI, a common problem here.
But more often than not, the language barrier, due to a lack of English among property managers in Japan, is the cause. And this challenge is likely to continue into the future—even in a megapolis such as Tokyo.
So, what can be done to enhance the experience of expat property investors in Japan? The answer may seem obvious: provide property management services in English, and yet this essential service is still lacking here.

Property Managers That Speak Your Language
Property investment and management in Japan can be a complex business, but that is more so when the negotiations are done in Japanese.
Whether it’s on the side of the property manager or the expat investor, the likelihood of stress, misunderstanding, and dissatisfaction increase when there is no common language between the parties.
To help mitigate such risks, Axios Management is committed to offering a bespoke property management services for expat investors—in English—that goes above-and-beyond the call of duty.
This includes providing general communications about the property, monthly rental reports, a yearly rental summary, financial reports, and investment advice in English.
Indeed, we go further than most. At the heart of our asset management strategy is ensuring long-term ROI for clients, not short-term gains for ourselves (as would be typical of traditional property management companies in Japan).
At Axios Management, we make sure that you have all the information you need to make decisions, meet immediate expectations, and realize future goals— and you can do all that in a language that you feel comfortable working with.

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