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Axios Management Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), on its designed and operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”), respects privacy of persons who have registered with us (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer(s)”) in order to use the Company’s services, and carefully handles any personal information as stipulated below.

Article 1 Personal Information
Personal information means information about a living user himself/herself that can identify a specific user by name, address, phone number, mail address, date of birth or other description, etc. comprising the information, or by documents in which personal information is stated.

Article 2 Acquisition of Personal Information and Purpose
The Company shall use personal information only to the extent necessary for attaining the purpose of use stated below pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information:
(1) Screening of Customers’ registration;
(2) Checking of Customers’ registration information;
(3) Maintenance of the Site and systems used by the Company as well as for responding to defect;
(4) After sale services, responding to inquiries and complaints;
(5) Development of the Company’s new services and new functions;
(6) For internal survey, statistics and analysis of marketing data
(7) Implementation of the Company’s campaign;
(8) Dispatching of gifts;
(9) Leasing of real estate, agency and intermediary services therefor, and any businesses incidental thereto, including management (including business activities by mail/e-mail/telephone, analysis on customer trend, analysis and survey for development of merchandise/services, and intermediary/agency service for fire insurance, etc. relating to the subject estate);
(10) Provision of personal information to third parties to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of (9) above;
(11) Provision of information on merchandise/services related to life/living environment/leisure, such as interior/housing facility and equipment, reform and maintenance, flowers and ornamental plants (flowers/house plants/gardening), commercial facilities, hotels and resorts;
(12) Conducting of questionnaires by the Company or any third parties (including real-estate companies, partner enterprises /organizations of the Company). Should the Company’s usage method fall under the use other than the original purposes, please contact us. We will stop the use upon confirmation.

Article 3 Preparation of Statistical Data
For the purpose of efficient information provision as well as for effective marketing activities by its partner enterprises/organizations, the Company may, based on the registered personal information, prepare statistical information that cannot identify any Customer himself/herself and disclose the same. As for such statistical data that cannot identify any Customer himself/herself, the Company shall be entitled to use it without any restriction.

Article 4 Disclosure of personal information to Third Party
No personal information registered with the Site shall be sold or released to any third parties without consent of the Customers; provided, however, that personal information may be disclosed without prior consent, only when it can be determined as necessary or appropriate in the following cases: (1) when disclosure is needed to meet legal requirement given by public agencies (national organizations or local governments, or persons entrusted by them) to the Company and to the parties involved in operation of the Site; (2) when disclosure of personal information is required by a court, prosecutors office, police, bar association, consumer affairs bureau or organizations having authorities equivalent thereto; (3) when the need to urgently take an action arises for the sake of physical safety of the Company, the Company’s employees, the Customers and the general public; (4) when the disclosure is determined appropriate in order to protect or defend the rights or assets of the Company, the Company’s employees and the Customers; (5) when disclosure or provision to third parties is expressly required by the Customers; (6) when disclosure is admitted by the Personal Information Protection Act or any other laws and regulations; and (7) when status report is sought by a company to which our service has been introduced or a company to which the Customer belongs.

Article 5 Third Parties
In the following cases, persons to whom personal information will be provided shall not fall under third parties:
(1) When outsourcing all or part of operation of the Site to a third party involved in the business cooperation with us to the extent necessary for the achievement of purpose through acquisition of personal information;
(2) When outsourcing all or part of operations carried out by the Company to a third party;
(3) When disclosing, as needed in the course of business, to persons who assume confidentiality obligation to the Company, including an attorney and accountant;
(4) When personal information is provided along with succession of business due to merger, transfer of goodwill or any other reasons.

Article 6 External Link
Please note that in some cases, link to other sites may be included in the Site, however, the Company shall assume no responsibility for the protection of privacy of other linked sites. This Privacy Policy shall apply only to information which has been collected on the Site.

Article 7 Disclaimer
If falling under any of the following concerning the acquisition of personal information by third parties, the Company shall assume no responsibility:
(1) When the Customer himself/herself discloses personal information to a specific third party by another means;
(2) When the specific individual happened to be identified due to information entered in the Site by other Customers;
(3) When personal information is provided by the Customer at any external site that is linked from the Site, and when such personal information is used;
(4) When any person other than the Customer himself/herself has obtained information (ID, password, etc.) that can identify the Customer himself/herself.

Article 8 Renewal of Personal Information
The Company shall, if the Customer requests for correction or deletion of personal information, promptly respond thereto within the necessary range, only after having confirmed that the requester is the Customer himself/herself. The Customers shall, when making correction or deletion of personal information such as address and e-mail address, promptly contact the following e-mail address.

Article 9 Use of Cookie
Cookie may be used within the Site for improvement of convenience of the Customers, measurement of advertising effectiveness and acquisition of statistical data; provided, however, that any information to be collected by Cookie is numeric characters and row of symbols (e.g. IP address, OS in use or Browser in use, etc.) and thus no personal information such as name and address is included. Accordingly there is no risk of personal information leakage resulting therefrom.

Article 10 Others
The Company complies with laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information, and various norms. Please contact the following e-mail address for any inquiry concerning handling of personal information.

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