Units under management: 70 apartments / Location: Tokyo, Chiba, Matsuyama

I have been living in Japan for over 20 years and, for a number of reasons, feel property investment in Japan is a sound investment. Of course, with any investment a strong, competent, and trustworthy management partner is essential. Unfortunately, my first few experiences with property managers were disappointing. One property management company pushed me into the purchase without providing sufficient due diligence. Another gave me misleading information regarding tenant rights in Japan, and another did not have the sense of urgency to get vacant rooms filled. Lastly, there was always the problem with English communication. After going down many avenues I was fortunate to be introduced to Tsuyoshi Hikichi of Axios Management After signing over one property to Axios they quickly took action to fill the empty units, stabilise/increase rents, and moving the property into the black. After witnessing this turnaround I quickly transferred my other properties to Axios and have been happy every since. Axios Management brings transparency, experience, and commitment to the partnership which has been very rewarding.

In summary, Real estate companies want to lock in the sale but once you buy you need top people to manage your investment which is where most companies fail. This is where Axios Management excels.

Axios Management is my trusted partner and one that I can highly recommend.

Axios Management

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